Global Transportation Hub – Saskatchewan's Gateway to the World



Welcome to the Global Transportation Hub – Canada’s Premier Inland Port.

The GTH provides rail access to all major Canadian ports, Gulf Coast ports and mid-western US trans-shipment points and trucking connections to all major networks including Trans-Canada, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chicago and Mexico.

We’re providing a new set of transportation services at the GTH to help suppliers and retailers move their products throughout the country and around the world.

In September 2012, the GTH completed a $32.8 million infrastructure project, which is based on its Concept Plan. It delivers close to four kilometers of roadways and asphalt paving, water and sanitary sewer lines, site grading and storm channel construction. Nearly two-thirds of available serviced land from the infrastructure project has been sold. With 142 acres remaining from 425 acres, the Global Transportation Hub is offering clients all the infrastructure supports they require to purchase or lease land to build their operations.

Barely three years on the ground and the GTH is already a story of remarkable success, drawing the attention and the investment of wholesalers, distributors, transporters and logistics handlers from across North America. Overall private investment is about $350 million to date.

Another anchor client is Canadian Pacific (CP) Rail. CP has completed their 300-acre Intermodal Facility (IMF), increasing its capacity for container lifts from about 40,000 to over 65,000 lifts per year. CP has invested close to $50 million at the GTH.